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  • Is It Worth Investing In Wine, And Why?

    January 10, 20180
    Remember famous saying: “The main problem of quotes on the internet is that people immediately believe in their authenticity.” So, during the last 24 hours, after the release of “Fine wine returns outperform UK blue-chips [...]
  • Moscow Becomes A Better Place, But What About Its Residents?

    October 26, 20170
    Moscow – a city for living. The new social ad campaign is turning muscovites’ heads: Moscow has become more comfortable, socially adaptable, eco-friendly, cozy. Even though it’s an ad slogan, I find its message rather [...]
  • Ten Things You Should Avoid While Visiting Moscow

    January 26, 20170
    When someone says that they didn’t like visiting Moscow much, I take it that they just didn’t know how to explore the city wisely. So, since you’ve been inspired with the idea of visiting Moscow [...]
  • 7 Ways to Become a Better Muscovite in 2017

    January 24, 20170
    1. Pass a course of first aid in an emergency Imagine that a random passenger in the subway has suddenly fainted. Of course, you couldn’t ignore it, but you will definitely hope that a doctor [...]