Glitter at Moscow’s Art Scene: 3 Exhibits for Those Giving Rafael Santi a Miss

The Fall-2016 art season has already started, which implies the refreshing of expositions at main Moscow’s art scenes. The infamous “line to Serov” transferred to Pushkin Museum–straight to Rafael Santi’s exhibition. For those who prefer enjoying Italian classics directly in the Uffizi gallery, we offer three Moscow exhibitions interesting for a quite diverse audience: classics and modernity of avant-garde and a little bit of non-fake glitter.

Alexander Rodchenko: Experiences for the Future

The acknowledged classic of avant-garde, Alexander Rodchenko in the entire breadth of his talent, is presented at the exhibition in MAMM. Firstly, there are his well-known posters, book covers, and all sorts of agitation materials. Secondly, it would be quite curious to trace the relationship between Rodchenko and cinematography.

The exhibition includes not only films, scenery to which were made by the artist (even just the journalist’s working place of the early twentieth century is worth it all!), but also the intricate object that was used for creating dynamic titles. Rodchenko’s experiments with color, light and space allow us to see the origins of today’s media art. His design of a newsstand looks like it was made for some futuristic utopia in the style of ‘Fifth Element’.

Where: Multimedia Art Museum
When: Until November 13

Daily life. Simple Actions

Photo by Yulia Ardabyevskaya
Photo by Yulia Ardabyevskaya

At theater director Dmitry Volkostrelov’s exhibition, every viewer becomes an active participant. I’m even doubting that it can be considered an exhibition. Rather, the curator (who is also the director) creates “given circumstances”, a situation in which we find ourselves on a daily basis. Imagine those times when walking on the street that you suddenly notice your shoe lace came untied or when you are asked to sign a document at the bank office–it’s about all such simple actions to which we normally don’t pay much attention, doing them on an automatic basis.

In the space of the exhibition, visitors are invited to perform these acts consciously, being put under the eye of a camera, and to reflect upon what they used to overlook before.

Where: Moscow Museum of Modern Art
When: Until October 16

The Elegance and Luxury of Art Deco. Kyoto Institute of Costume, Cartier and Van Cleff & Arpels Jewelry Houses

Moscow's Art Scene
Van Cleef & Arpels, Paris, around 1931 year

Once again, the Moscow Kremlin Museums invite us to plunge into the world of beauty. Fashion and jewelry—what else can attract even the most unsophisticated spectator to the exhibition in the heart of Moscow city? While memories of Paul Poiret, whom we have all become obsessed with after the Kremlin retrospective, are still fresh, responsibilities for the pompous outfits move on one of the best museums in the fashion world—The Kyoto Costume Institute.

The exhibition presents the best representatives of the era, including Chanel, Lanvin and (surprise!) Poiret. As for the jewelry part of the exhibition, everything is clear as well: diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

Where: The Moscow Kremlin Museums
When: Until January 11

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