3 Moscow Parties Worth Dropping in for Halloween 2016

Halloween Porn Party

14495457_1591186247844545_5668854497042601692_n“This Halloween party is going to be special for you!” state the organizers of the next intriguing Moscow kinky-party. Although Halloween has long been eroticized by representatives of the nightlife sphere, this party is officially “porn”.

They promise a BDSM performance based on the “Viy” novell by a “creative pervert” and FemDom representative called TABU, also dancing with fire, a light show, a burlesque performance and a so-called contact “Wild Theater”.

The musical direction will be “sexy techno”–music which pushes you not only to dance till you drop, but also… well, you get it.

As a special decoration of the party–an exhibition of flamboyant artist Sandra Kowalski, whose artworks are a mixture of pop art and shameless eroticism.


KIKIBØI–A permanent resident of Pop Porn Party, who is rumored to be the favorite DJ of Mikhail Prokhorov.

OwlFury–Urban shamanism in audio shape.

TABU–FemDom DJ, have you ever heard of such? The beauty from Minsk will perform not only a fervent mix of music, but also a bright show.

Tickets are still on sale at prices from 1500 to 4000 rubles. On the day of the event you can buy tickets at the entrance to the club, but only for the most expensive tariff.

Where: “Brooklyn” club, Kudrinskaya Square, 1
When: October 29

Halloween Music Festival

An annual electronic music festival, dedicated to Halloween, which will combine the space of three party areas with artists from around the world, will take place on October 28-29 at the Badaevsky Factory.

This year the festival is held in the style of “Alice in Wonderland” so that you can choose a suitable image from the plurality of characters of the story.

For 40 hours, musicians and artists of the festival will create the space-time continuum, causing the audience a sense of the continuity of time and a complete loss of touch with reality.

However, in the summer garden you can always go back to the real world, equipped with a special heated chill out zone.


Guests from Spain: Hector Couto, German Brigante

Guests from Germany: Sante, Sidney Charles, Sharam Jey, Pascal FEOS

Guests from Italy and Bulgaria: Federico Grazzini and Metodi Hristov

Expect face control and a dress code at the entrance. Ticket prices range from 800 to 1500 rubles.

Where: Badaevsky factory (Konstruktor club, Mix, Summer Garden), Kutuzovsky prospect, 12 (entrance from the Shevchenko embankment)
When: 28-30 October

Halloween Superhero Masquerade Rave

This night opens the door to the other world, and dark forces will penetrate the Earth. Fear and terror will envelop the entire globe… and only they, Super Heroes, can save humanity. Become one of the heroes and save the planet from evil, or fall to the dark side and prove that good does not always triumph over evil.

Image result for Halloween Superhero Masquerade Rave


ASTRIX–Superman of the psytrance scene will present his new album.

AJJA–An artist from Switzerland, whose show is long awaited by all the Russian fans of psytrance culture.

SPACE TRIBE–Olli Wisdom, Batman in the psytrance world. He, like his prototype from the world of superheroes, is one of the old-school psytrance characters on the world stage.

CRAZY ASTRONAUT–Silver Surfer, which bears on the ground with special music with intelligence and cosmic sound.

ALEX PARASENSE–The Joker, the dark side of psytrance-sound.

Z-CAT–bright, original, a real Catwoman, welcomed guest of psytrance festivals around the world.

[AD] FLASH–Flashman, he blasts the dance floor with his sets.

Ticket prices range from 1000 to 2500 rubles. Find more details here.

Where: Club “BUD Arena”, Leningradsky Prospekt 31, page 4
When: October 29

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