“30 Faces of Honesty”: Honesty and Rebelliousness at the Street Art Exhibition in Muzeon Park

Nowadays, such human qualities as honesty and openness, especially when it comes to cities as big as Moscow, aren’t usually taken for granted. Among people, it’s more like privilege, a sign of special respect which must be merited; in business—not a priori given condition, but a rather risky exclusivity.

And while Moscow’s mainstream digs into an abyss of fakeness with incredible speed, the underground and alternative community call us on an honest dialogue. A graffiti festival «30 faces of honesty» that took place in Muzeon on July 9 marked the beginning of it.

The event was organized by Tele2, a mobile operator declaring honesty as one of its principles, and creative association “Artmossphere,” an agent for the support and development of contemporary street art in Russia.

The festival, which took just a small part of the park near the bridge along the Krymskaya Embankment, fit 10 prisms for 30 graffiti artists to paint them in live mode, a scene where DJ association Flammable Beats with support of DJ Tactics, Dj Pirumov, Dj Shagin and beatboxer Vakhtang played music and break-dancers echoed it in body language, and a relaxation area with padded stools that were quickly filled by hipsters with notepads thoughtfully sprinkling sketches.

All this compactness and how harmoniously the sounds of breakbeat, the noise cans of spray paint, the roar of the crowd and whistles of passing cyclists blended together, kind of hinted: pull together, go beyond the imposed stereotypes, be easier, be open, smile, at the end of all! And people were smiling…

On that fresh summery Saturday the atmosphere of unity and cheerfulness, which is almost impossible to meet in Moscow, ruled the party.


“30 faces of honesty” (for some reason it was called a graffiti festival, although in fact it was more of a festival of hip-hop culture, combining its three main areas–rap, break dancing and graffiti) lasted from noon until late night. People were leaving reluctantly: viewing the street artists’ work and shooting countless selfies with their artworks as the background turned out to be a lot of fun (we ourselves have sinned, to be frank). Tele2, by the way, had foreseen it–scattered throughout the entire territory of the fest were small stations to recharge devices and unlimited Wi-Fi was provided for free for smartphone addicted citizens.

The list of graffiti artists participating in the festival deserves special attention. There were thirty of, perhaps, the most outstanding representatives of Russian street art: Petro, Slak, Aber, Andrey Adno, Alexey Luka, Vova Nootk, Remo, Snekzy, Vedro, Zmogk, Quel, Glaz, Eloom, Kio, ZhZh, Sy, Rtue, Peeks, Kreemos, Cyrill Kto, Misha Most, Gino, Plushedelica, Се, Eka Hasky, Gred, Maxim Ima, Cyrill Ashestin, Ivan Ninety, Artem Stephanov.

By sunset, the majority of the art facilities had been completed. They were all very different, each artist, of course, talked about his own things. The only commonality among them was the manifestation of honesty and the rebelliousness inherent to contemporary art, to analyze which, however, would be unnecessary. The exhibition will run until August 9 and every weekend during that month in the same place you will be able to hear live performances by Flammable Beats.

We have tried to capture the maximum of everything that happened during that day in Muzeon—check out our gallery and share your photos in the comments!

P.S. When posting your photos from the festival to Instagram, do not forget to put hashtags #moskvaer #30гранейчестности #tele2msk

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