7 Ways to Become a Better Muscovite in 2017

1. Pass a course of first aid in an emergency

Imagine that a random passenger in the subway has suddenly fainted. Of course, you couldn’t ignore it, but you will definitely hope that a doctor is somewhere nearby, or, at least, a nurse among the other passengers. We, the people, too often seek to pass on to someone else’s shoulders the responsibility that should be held together. In addition, in taking a first aid course you will become useful not only as a citizen to the community, but also as a person to yourself.

2. Live within your means

You’d be surprised, but by mastering the basic skills of budgeting, it is possible to avoid such embarrassing situations when you have to resort to shameful tricks to avoid paying for parking, or be a stowaway in public transport, or share the bill with a woman at a restaurant.

3. Donate blood

I think it is needless to say how important it is and why. There are plenty of reasons, from deeply selfish ones to extremely altruistic. I think, for the modern human blood donation should be as natural of an item on the list of cases, as voting, charity and regular visits to the dentist. Even if you are the most inveterate misanthrope, donate blood, while thinking that you are contributing to the rescue of sweet little Nietzscheans.

4. Read the city news

Being aware of what’s happening in your town is cool, fashionable and very correct. You may not be interested in world politics and you may stay indifferent to the activities of the Russian military aircraft in Syria, and the presidency of Donald Trump in the US, but being aware that the dismantling of the Christmas tree in your city has begun is simply a must! Just kidding. Although not absolutely. Local news is about how the city lives and breathes. It would be great if people showed the slightest keen interest in it, not remaining indifferent, at least on the discussion level. After all, as we know, first there was the Word.

5. Quit Smoking

An added bonus to the biggest favor you can do yourself by quitting smoking, is a contribution to a healthy and clean urban atmosphere free from the stench of tobacco and cigarette butts scattered all around. At this point every non-smoked cigarette matters—don’t underestimate yours.

6. Don’t park like an asshole

Park on the markup: don’t be naive, thinking that the parking lot for 10 cars can fit 12. Do not park in bicycling areas: you may be surprised, but even in winter they are used as intended. When leaving your car in the territory of paid parking, don’t tape your numbers hoping to avoid fines for unpaid parking: firstly, it’s a shame, and secondly, the money collected for parking, is directed to the improvement of the districts of Moscow (the city where you live and maybe even raise children). See examples and read more information on this here.

7. Travel more

This is simple. The more you travel the world (not just visiting the main tourist points, but trying to see the lives of others), the more likely that you will, finally, start loving Moscow and want to take care of it just like some of our neighbors are taking care of their hometowns.

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