A day at Izmaylovsky Market

I’m not so crazy as to think that most of our readers haven’t already heard of the largest, best place to buy souvenirs in Moscow, but with Christmas and holiday travels home quickly approaching, we at Moskvaer thought you may need a quick reminder of all the great things you can find or see at Izmaylovsky Market.

I visited the market today just to see what I could find for my family back in America and I noticed quite a collection of Christmas decorations and ornaments that I hadn’t seen when I was there last. Without further delay, check out some of the photos I snapped during my visit. If nothing else, we hope they help you get through Monday.

Just as you might expect–Matryoshka Dolls aplenty.


Some really cool vintage cameras were probably the highlight of my sights.


…as well as some cool paintings of Lenin


I haven’t seen these decorated guns before, either… but maybe I missed them the first time.


…and the Kremlin for those who didn’t know about it.


Lastly, I left home with these two ornaments of Snegurochka and Ded Moroz, with the latter being painted blue–as was significant before the Russian Revolution.


We’d love to see your own adventures or photos of Moscow. Simply tag your Instagram shots with #MOSKVAER and they will automatically appear on our page for all to see! Enjoy Monday!

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