What is Moskvaer?

Moskvaer – an online magazine about Moscow life in all its diversity, for citizens, expats and tourists.

Expats and migrants, once and forever charmed by Moscow, created it. That fact actually says a lot about the project in particular and the city in general.

Who is Moskvaer?

Moskvaer – this is an empathizing inhabitant of Moscow, who opts for this city every single day. Moskvaer – this is you, who wears out shoes on the Moscow streets. This is he, who finds beauty in the everyday life of Moscow’s gloominess. This is we, who turn on the evening lights of Moscow’s high-rises.

How to join Moskvaer?

We created the Moskvaer project from the same rubber that was used to create Moscow City, so if you have something interesting to say or display regarding Moscow, please don’t doubt – we will find a place for you.