Another Blockbuster Exhibition in Moscow: Aivazovsky. Tickets on Sale, Take Your Turn

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“It seems to me, the Russian public has some inner accumulated desire for beauty and harmony. That which is missing in life, people are finding in art,” said Vladimir Spivakov, president of Moscow International House of Music.

The maestro put this Russian cultural phenomenon very aptly, that which is often not fully understood by the people themselves and perhaps inherited to some degree (linked to the ages), but which still serves as a kind of detuning (us from other civilizations and cultures) and, of course, as a cause for pride. An inner accumulated desire. They say, we are so committed to beauty and harmony that we are ready to kick in the door of the National Gallery to at least get a glimpse of “Girl with Peaches” with one eye. And what have you achieved lately?

The exhibiton of the legendary marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky, a favorite of the Russian audience, will open soon in Moscow. In Russian culture, he was a pioneer of the marina genre and turned it into the most important phenomenon in the fine art of the mid-second half of the XIX century.

Tretyakov Gallery selected only 120 paintings from 6000 made by Aivazovsky (according to the artist’s count). Among them will be his traditional sea paintings, paintings of Russian coastal cities and ports executed by order of the emperor and the Naval Department, ground landscapes, paintings of biblical scenes and artworks based on the artist’s travels in the Caucasus, Italy, Turkey and other countries.


“An exhibition of paintings by Ivan Aivazovsky, no doubt, will be one of the main events of the season. I do not mean just a stir—this is really the most important world-class artist, and the opportunity to see 160 works of him in one exhibition is quite unique. They were collected all over the country, transported in special machines: just to carry “The Ninth Wave” was astronomically expensive! Therefore Aivazovsky is a uniquely blockbuster exhibition”,—said art critic Catherine Kinyakina in an interview with Moskvaer.

— So we should prepare for a huge queue again, I suppose?

— A line, in any case, will be there. Although now it’s the vacation season, and there are not that many people in Moscow these days, but still a lot of foreigners, which also must be considered. The exhibition will last until November, and that is when we should expect the real queue. What we’ve observed in the last couple of weeks (I mean a big interest in the project among internet users) is a great success of the Tretyakov Gallery’s PR department, which very systematically and regularly gives out information and fuels the interest of the exhibition: videos, the start of ticket sales, the announcement of a free application audio guide for the exhibition. It is a very well made PR campaign. All steps taken by gallery should eliminate the possibility of long lines, but attendance will still be very high, I am absolutely sure.

When: July 29 – November 20
Where: Krymsky Val, 10, The State Tretyakov Gallery
Book tickets: here

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