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Exiled English provincial trying not to get old too quick by conducting a war of words with banality.

Diggers (2016): A Monster Movie for Moscow

September 29, 2016Edward Crabtree0

Under Bolshaya Pirogovskaya street the Diggers discovered a deserted laboratory with an old telephone, chemical protection suits hanging on the walls, and old fashioned respiration masks. The room appeared to have been abandoned in a […]

Art & Music

Alien Opera: A Close Encounter with Sci-Fi Metal Band Sunwalter

May 20, 2016Edward Crabtree0

The interview takes place in the Rock House Club on Ismailovskaya Highway in Partisanskaya on May 7th. Before us on the porch stands a mock up of a Harley Davidson and behind us the T.V. is tuned to a rock channel but the sound is turned down because our words are already punctuated by the churning guitars of a band now playing beneath us. […]

Art & Music

The Return of Russia’s Best Known Pop Sensation: Julia Volkova from t.A.T.u. Won Me Over

May 12, 2016Edward Crabtree1

On April 29, Moscow’s Mumiy Troll Music Bar held a concert of soloist of the legendary Russian group t.A.T.u. Julia Volkova. This, I had also thought, was not going to be my scene but I found myself happy to lay down the thousand rouble entrance fee at the door to see Julia Volkova play live. It would not do to miss a chance to witness the return of an iconic half of Russia’s best known pop sensation. […]