Be Amazed by the Musical Rendition of Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina

Do you enjoy classic stories that remain relevant even today? What about musicals?

Great news! The creators of Russia’s legendary musicals Count Orlov and Monte Cristo are back at it again with an unforgettable rendition of Anna Karenina based on Leo Tolstoy’s sensational work.

The musical performance is described as a “spectacular, breathtaking, emotional, and high-tech show” which shines a new light on Tolstoy’s masterpiece about the intriguing relationship between a married lady and a dashing military officer. With the glitter and luxury of the Russian nobility in the 19th century serving as a backdrop, Anna Karenina explores a dramatic love story that even today remains just as meaningful providing a truly timeless portrait of society.

Get ready for a classic story rife with contradictory feelings strong as a hurricane; love and treason; passion and duty; hope and desperation. It’s impossible to not be captured by the events, empathize with the main characters, and live the entire story together with them. Anna Karenina is the story that doesn’t give straightforward answers but rather provides the opportunity for you to compare your own thoughts and expand your overall attitude.

Sit back and enjoy the outstanding visual and audio effects which give you the feeling of full presence as you are taken to the settings of an opera hall, a spacious ice rink, a Grand Palace, a summertime countryside, and is followed by one of the most recognizable and dramatic scenes involving a train.

Don’t miss your chance to enjoy the spectacular performance of an unfading iconic piece in the Moscow Operetta theater until May 28 and then again from June 20 – July 2.

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