Biggest Expat Event of 2016 Brought Together More Than 600 Guests, Both Foreigners and Locals

Last Friday marked the biggest expat event of the year, packing Lookin Rooms on Tverskaya Street with more than 600 guests at a party that lasted literally all night long. Having previously never visited the club before, I was first impressed by its convenience in regards to location and setup and then by its vast interior filled with guests.

As I understood it, the main purpose of the event was to bring everyone—expats, local Russians and even tourists—together for one all-out party before the end of the year. And that goal was accomplished to a large extent. Guests mingled, expats and Russians mixed and got to know one another slowly at first, then quickly once the music started.

With smiling, outgoing people enjoying the evening and English being spoken all around, it was easy to imagine for a moment that the party was taking place in some European city. Admirable glances, intriguing conversations and surely many phone numbers were all exchanged in an effort to create new, diverse relationships.

Diversity and language exchanges are always at the forefront of my mind at events such as these, as expected. But as soon as the DJ began his set, everyone let loose and language was no longer needed.

To the organizers—kudos for a resounding success in uniting people from all walks of life. We look forward to enjoying future parties together.

Expat International Party was organized by MIE – Moscow International Events and Lingua Zone.

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