“Open Mic” Parties in Moscow: Always Dreamt of Being a Musician? Take the Chance to Perform Live on Stage

Every Thursday in Moscow’s Jim’n’Jack’s bar Cadenza Institute organises an Open Mic event.

The event is supposed to give a chance to music and dance students of the Institute to practice live on the stage what they’ve learnt during the class and, to promote new talent and encourage others to perform in any language and style.

”There is plenty of talented people in Moscow, but not everybody has a full set to offer to perform in a venue, sometimes they just want to perform a couple of songs or practice the ones they’re learning. CADENZA Open Mic gives them a chance to perform and develop their abilities on stage”, says Luis Aguilar, the host of the event.

Every person is allowed to perform as many times as they want but, each time has to be maximum of 2 songs, then the performer waits for their next round and performs another two songs, and so on.

Guitar, acoustic bass, ukulele & tambourine are provided. People can bring their own instruments too.

Any language and style is allowed to be performed and it is open for Expats and Russians.

When: Every Thursday starting at 9PM
Where: Jim ‘n’ Jack’s bar, Myasnitskaya 38, building 1

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