Cat-Café on Tsvetnoy Boulevard: How people became cats’ guests

Imagine you are sitting in a small cozy café in the city center, sipping hot tea. Some light jazz music plays quietly and you’re leading a leisurely dialogue with a friend about the impermanence of life, when suddenly a fluffy baleen-striped tomcat creeps over to you and begins to snuggle. You break into a smile, your mood rises immediately, and winter doesn’t seem so harsh anymore… That’s just about how I envision a usual evening at Moscow’s cat-café, “Cats and People”.

“Cats and People” is the first restaurant in Moscow where people literally come to the cats’ for tea. In a room, (75 square meters) live a couple dozen cats that are considered to be the full owners of the place and it feels to be pretty much so. The presence of the pets isn’t designed to entertain visitors, they are not trained circus acts and the like–in this cat-café you just communicate with them as you would at your friend’s place, for example.


“Cats and People” was created on the basis of the anti-café where visitors pay for time spent there (6-8 rubles per minute), and tea, coffee and sweets are served free of charge. It is worth coming just for the sake of warm cat-evenings and nothing else.

It should be remembered that all pets in the cat-cafe have their own character and rhythm of life, which should not be bothered or interfered with.

Here’s, for example, Enika, a tiny energizer, and lover of tasties that likes taking naps on visitors’ laps after active merrymaking.

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Or Valdis – the big, important and majestic warden of the cat-café that likes to sleep on the top shelf, chase other relatives and eat from all of the bowls.

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All the cats in the cat-café are from the private shelters, so you can adopt any of them yourself by signing an agreement with the appropriate organization. Throughout the existence of the café, more than ten cats have found owners.

To register for a tea party with the cats, you should make a booking on the site in advance. It is open on weekdays from 10:00 to 22:00, and on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays–until the last guest.

Address: Tsvetnoy Boulevard metro station,  Sadovaya-Samotechnaya Street, 6/1

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