Concert Program for Spring: What to Listen to and Where to Go in Moscow in the Coming Months

In spring, people crave love, warmth and fresh impressions. A unique source of all this is music. We’ve come by some great concerts that will be held in Moscow this spring which are certainly worth your attention. I’ll briefly explain why.

Maya Azucena and the Oleg Butman Trio

When: 26 May at 20:00
Where: Art Cafe Durov
Address: Pavlovskaya Street, building 6
Ticket price – from 800 to 1500 rubles
Maya Azucena is an American jazz, hip-hop, R&B and soul singer, whose voice range of four octaves won the audience from the first few notes. Maya received widespread popularity immediately after her first performances in 2003. In addition to her beautiful voice, the singer has an enviable charisma and knows how to turn concerts into a real show. In Moscow, she will be on stage together with world-class musicians from the Oleg Butman Trio as part of the «Jazz in Motion» project on 26 May.
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Dolphin. Acoustics. Electricity

When: 1-2 of May at 20:00
Where: 16 Tons Club
Address: Presnensky Val, 6, building 1
Ticket price – 1500 rubles for each concert
Andrew Lysikov, better known by his musical alias “Dolphin”, can be considered as the voice of modern Russian poetry. Undoubtedly talented (even if not a fan of his style, you feel it at some uterine level), and mysterious, Dolphin was one of the main characters of the Russian music scene of the 90s. He had a great influence on the Russian youth of those years, and even now he still remains one of the most popular rock musicians.
On 1 and 2 of May Dolphin will play two concerts in Moscow — an acoustic one and one entitled “Electricity”. The latter one will have an extended ensemble of musicians, which will include his guitarist and co-writer Pavel Dodonov, drummer Vasily Yakovlev and saxophonist Denis Transkiy.
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Hanzel und Gretyl

When: 25 May at 19:00
Where: Volta Club
Address: Bumazhniy proezd, d 19/3
Ticket price – 1200 rubles
Musical illusionists and German industrial metal futurists with American roots Hanzel Und Gretyl will perform in Moscow in a classic lineup presenting their most outstanding songs of the past two decades. Lovers of German lyrics and quality rock music better not miss the show!
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Elton John

When: 30 May at 20:00
Where: Crocus City Hall
Address: 65-66 km MKAD, Myakinino metro station
As part of his new «Wonderful Crazy Night» tour, international music legend Elton John will be playing some dates in Moscow. There is, however, only one “but”: the chance to hear the voice of ageless musician would be costly – from 4500 to 45000 roubles.
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