Corporeality of Being: 3 Moscow Exhibitions Devoted to the Possibilities of the Human Body

Invariably, Muscovites take up more space in the cold. With a T-shirt, shirt, sweater, and jacket – here he is, a real snowman, hulking, but ready for any vagaries of the weather. Some extraordinary Moscow exhibitions, where artists of different genres speak both on the richness of opportunities of dance & performance as tools of self-expression and on the limited capacity of some human bodies, remind us of the importance of remaining flexible.

Mikhail Baryshnikov. Body Metaphysics

Photos of Robert Whitman presented at the exhibition are mainly captured moments of the legendary dancer’s rehearsals, promotional footage, and fragments of performances. Some videos are particularly noteworthy: unique footage of the Soviet past of Baryshnikov and his work with Merce Cunningham. Misha’s (that’s what they call him in the West) popularity is experiencing a new round right now.

The performances based on Brodsky’s poems and diaries of Vaslav Nijinsky, it seems, were visited by all those in Moscow who are interested in theater. People flew to Riga specially for this. It’s the last point on the dancer’s map, who vowed to never come to Russia in person ever again. Now, only his photo-images up and reach the outskirts of Moscow. At least…

Where: The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography
When: Until January 22


The Season of Swedish Performance

The body to the performer is like clay to the potter. It responds to external stimuli, marks the internal state, provokes, and  gives in to provocations itself. The exhibition at the Solyanka VPA gallery presents documentation of the most famous Swedish performances. The spectacle is perhaps more for professionals and fans of contemporary art. During the exhibition, which is called a festival not without reason, you can see artists at work. However, you must schedule a time to meet and talk to them in person (do so at the gallery’s website). Together, it provides a good immersion in Swedish art, which is not fully explored even in the homeland.

Where: Solyanka VPA
When: November 3

Co-creation. Sculptures by Vadim Sidur

It’s not just a coincidence that Vadim Sidur’s sculptures appear in the Darwin Museum. “Co-creation” is dedicated to deaf-blind people’s perception of art. That is why the artist is invited to perceive objects by touch, tactile. However, in the context of the natural science museum, the sculptures acquire additional meaning. Musicians, family, mother and child, grandchild and grandmother – the top of the evolutionary chain, but not idealized, presented just as it is, with its potholes, defects and irregularities. That is life, and so is death: one of the works – a man, pierced by a bomb. And it is also an evolution, and it is also a stage of development. 

Where: State Darwin Museum
When: Until November 11


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