Cultural Non-Center: New Art Space Opens in South-East Moscow

Moscow expands its cultural and recreational zone–a new art space “Polygraphichesky ceh” is about to open at a 10-minute walk from the Lyublino metro station. The new art space may become a kind of artistic and cultural island in the periphery of the capital.

Polygraphichesky ceh” is located on the first floor of an empty 4-story building on Sovkhoznaya street. The 700 square-meter space of the ground floor was transformed into an art platform, which has been considered as a “manufacturer of modern multimedia art.” The opening of “Polygraphichesky ceh” will be held on February 13th and is marked by its debut exhibition “Crime Scene”.

крик петросян гурген

Crime Scene” is a conceptual exhibition, which brings together the artworks by contemporary artists from Russia, Armenia, and Crimea in the various forms of media–from oil paintings to sculptures, from art research to installations and video art. The aim of the project is to tell the audience about the figure of the artist-detective, who is attentive to details and has a keen vision.

Curator Kirill Zhilkin considers the process of the artists’ work as an act of investigation, and crime as a “declaration of non-art in non-space by non-artists.”

“Assuming the powers of detective-artists, during the exhibition we intend to unravel the tangle of such crimes, given all the aspects, and try not to deny any method. We respect the importance of the problem and realize what is at stake – the existence of another institute of human culture. We understand the subtlety of the ethical issues that we are going to face.” he says.

The project will be attended by Eva Arakcheeva, Olga Butenop, Julia Vergazova, Alexander Golynsky (Crimea), Kirill Zhilkin, Elisaveta Zhilkina, Mikhail Levius, Elena Minaeva, Gurgen Petrosyan (Armenia).

The opening of “Polygraphichesky ceh” and the premiere of the “Crime Scene” exhibition will be held on February 13 at 19:00. The exhibition runs from February 13 to March 13, 2016.

Address: Sovkhoznaya street, 2, Lyublino metro station

Attendance Days: Wednesday-Friday from 14:00 to 20:00, Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 to 18:00.

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