Dublin is Coming: New Pub in Moscow’s Center for Those Who Appreciate Irish Traditions

“To tell you the truth, I’m sick to death of my own country!”–said a character from the famous novel called “Dubliners”. To Muscovites overcome with similar feelings, we offer to swap places with the hero of James Joyce–blindfolded! Especially since Dublin is already here … in the image of a new Irish pub in the heart of Moscow, a twin and a namesake of Dublin’s O’Donoghue’s Pub.

O’Donoghue’s Pub has become the seventh project of Pub Life Group, which gradually fills the city with sturdy Irish pubs–Lion’s Head Pub, Tipsy Pub, Tap & Barrel Pub, Punch & Judy… all lovers of good food and Irish whiskey in the capital are familiar with these names.

A feature of the new pub in that series is music. O’Donoghue’s is positioned as the home of traditional Irish music. However, the pub founders’ commitment to national features has not ended solely on this: the furniture and interior were also brought from Ireland, and even more—for a complete resemblance to the Dublin namesake, the façade on the new pub was built “from scratch”. They had to tear down the wall and erect the entrance again, so now it totally imitates Irish O’Donoghue’s.


The new Moscow pub has four rooms, each of which emphasizes its own options:

Guinness Bar Area—too obvious, needs no comment.

The dining Area is dedicated to good food prepared by talented chefs under the direction of Yuri Nechayev, known for his work in “Winwood” and “Dorogaya, ya perezvonyu…” (Honey, I’ll call you back) bar.  In terms of the menu, the organizers themselves recommend trying the salad with grilled slices of beef and vegetables, fried meat with a potato cream calf, tender pork steaks with homemade eggplant caviar, sea bass fillet with peanut sauce and dessert with the promising title “Chocolate dome.”

Chocolate dome
Chocolate Dome

The Whiskey Lounge is for tastings of both unusual and regular whiskey. In this room you’ll have the opportunity to flip through a Pub Life magazine, where you will find dozens of varieties of whiskey, any of which you could later try in the form of sets of five grades.

The Live Music Hall is for young musicians who have just come on the scene. The owners placed their bet on small bands with a distinctive sound, which come as close to the atmosphere of a traditional Irish pub.

Each restaurant established by Pub Life is equipped with grandiose screens for sporting events, expressing thus their piety to the fans community. At O’Donoghue’s there’s a three-meter screen to the delight of all sports fans.

Address: Pyatnitskaya Str., 29

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