Elusive Images: 3 Intriguing Moscow Exhibitions

The actual borders of the capital change so fast that even interactive maps are not able to capture the news. It seems that the city is rapidly slipping away from any attempt to imprint it. The megapolis today is an image without specific shapes. How does one capture it? This, like many other nearly philosophical problems, we propose solving through the arts, because this is exactly the reason why artists dedicate their lives to putting abstract ideas into some real shapes.

Gerhard Richter. “Abstract and Image”

Exhibitions at the Jewish Museum are usually small, but always quite memorable. Not so long ago, all of Moscow sought to see four amazing artworks by Anish Kapoor, and today there is a new star of modern art – Gerhard Richter, a must see for everyone who cares about art. The exhibition focuses on the artist’s abstract works. The most impressive among exhibited pieces is a series of four paintings called “Birkenau”. It is based on images taken by a prisoner of the concentration camp. The nature of the image is the main theme of Richter’s creativity, and even if the image is slipping, it’s impossible to ignore it.

Where: Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center
When: Until February 5

Ron Arad. Solo Exhibition

The creativity of architect and designer Ron Arad is a world, descended from the pages of the novels of James Ballard. His favorite material is sheet metal, which means that the viewer will have to face both futuristic objects and the latest technology, and the inevitable consequence of it – a global catastrophe. Flattened cars, a glittering maze – if this is not the future, it is certainly progress and its reverse side. However, there is no gravity as we know it – Arad’s artworks are light and “airy”, as befits the modern design objects, deceiving the viewer. This illusion, by the way, can be considered as one more greeting from the virtual reality of our future.

Where: Gary Tatintsian Gallery
When: Until February 1

Courtesy of Gary Tatintsian Gallery
Courtesy of Gary Tatintsian Gallery

House of Impressions. Walk with Troubadour

It’s not the first time the figure of the troubadour has become the object of study of our contemporaries. It’s time for medieval minstrel to go on stage. Electronic networks entangling civilization have spawned their own subculture with the center and some dark corners as well. So it’s easy, making just one wrong turn, to end up in a very wrong place.

Finding your way is not easy, but to stay on the same path is even more difficult. Though it’s in the power of a traveling painter – he alone is capable of moving in space and time without losing his voice. Viewing the installations at the estate of Prince Golitsyn is a good opportunity to acquire experience in dealing with the media of modern troubadours and trying to find your own way in the electronic jungle.

Where: Homestead Golitsyn princes
When: Until March 13


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