Expat Humor With Moscow Flavor: English Stand-up Show with Foreign Comedians

What could be more alien and further apart from one another than Russian and British humor? And what if it is British humor with a slight touch of Moscow flavor?

Such an unexpected mix will be present on February 26 on the stage of Stand-up club №1 by British comedian Steve Foreman, who moved to Moscow in 2008, planning to work in film while avoiding teaching English on the side. Now Steve hosts a weekly comedy show on Moscow’s Capital FM 105.3 and entertains the audience in a stand-up club on Novy Arbat.

Steve, as well as other comedians from different countries, who find themselves stuck in Moscow for one reason or another will tell their best jokes about their adventures in the Russian capital.

Big Standup – it is an opportunity to hear and see something that would hardly ever become public due to the severity and sometimes just rigid social and political satire. Just because a joke as a concept is very dangerous, especially in Russia.

Well, against the widespread dominance of cheap and vulgar jokes lately, the humor of expats can be at least considered as something fresh.

Where: Stand-up Club #1, Noviy Arbat 21

When: February 26, start at 18:00

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