Extreme Athletes, Artists, Chefs and Musical Talent Pompeya to Gather at GreenJam Fest

It’s no secret that the Moskvaer crew admires tropical air-indie-rock band Pompeya and now that they’re hot off the trail of a recording and tour experience in the United States, it’s time to show them some love in Moscow.

Pompeya and others (click here for the full lineup) are set to play a unique summer festival in Moscow coming on August 13.

Save the date for GreenJam, a festival showing ordinary things from an unusual angle. As described by the creators, the essence of the jam lies in blending different genres and lifestyle activities in a summer mix.

Green Jam consists of 5 creative areas that produce a new type of festival— music, food, sports, art and style. The curators teamed up with leading street artists, extreme athletes, musicians, leaders of new cuisines and urban style conductors to create this basis for self-expression.

Various contests will also be held at the festival.

As for Pompeya, it is promised that not only will you be able to hear all the great hits from previous albums—but also completely new material!

To purchase your tickets, click here. We’ll see you there!

Where: Bumazhniy proezd, 19, building 11
When: Saturday, August 13 from 4PM – 11PM

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