Famous Street Artists and Stars of the World’s Electronic Music Scene To Perform at Urban Culture Techno-Fest in Moscow—Outline 2016

With the goal of transforming a unique factory space as a whole into an object of art, the largest festival of electronic music and new urban culture Outline 2016 will take place from July 2-3 in Moscow on the territory of the former industrial fabric, MoZAL.

Street artists from the USA, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France and Russia will all attend the festival. Huge walls of industrial buildings, numerous outdoor areas and many industrial buildings that once served for the benefit of the Russian industry will be completely at their disposal.

The general program of the festival consists of six independent setups: two stages will be located indoors, including the existing pavilion studio, and four in the open air. They will welcome the leading electronic musicians of the world, the multimedia show program of world-class artists and dozens of top DJs.

The Outline Day program includes the elements of a traditional Sunday picnic: live sound on a summer concert stage, a health food market, the best cafe enthusiasts for proper nutrition, an amusement park in the open air and street-art facilities in the public domain.

Among the star guests of the festival–the American visual abstract artist Maser. The local street art team led by Artem Stefanov, better known as STFNV, will use Maser’s sketch to paint the main square of the festival.

Another solid participator of Outline 2016 is the Dutch artist Daan Botlek, who uses the ancient principle “Man is the measure of all things” (through the image of his drawings lies the naked human body, reduced to a graphic sign) in his work.

Two notable artists from France will come to the festival —Mosa 87 and Pablo Tomek, whose work can be found in European galleries of contemporary art.

German artist Idan Hayosh and Norwegian musician Morten J. will submit a joint light and sound installation.

The festival will also present a plastic performance by Yuri Kwiatkowski “Dyad” based on art of Wassily Kandinsky.

13422416_1721951268068338_3242481078114286277_oAs for the musical part of the festival, the Main Stage is the heart of Outline, the main arena of the festival, the place of the maximum concentration of the highest level of artists and the area where, thanks to the joint efforts of teams Sila Sveta and Stereotactic, show effects at the limits of existing technology will be implemented.

A 15-hour timeframe in the active movie studio space includes: Mathew Jonson, Magda, Byetone, Cute Heels, Phase Fatale, Daniel Bell, Philipp Gorbachev, Soundwalk Collective, Abelle, Nikita Zabelin—most performances are marked as ‘live’. The range of performances is from festival sets of the top artists to conceptual audio-visual shows and multimedia productions.

An experimental electronic scene Dark Stage with live-sessions by Scandinavians Puce Mary, Varg and Vit Fana, concerts of Sudden Infant and Kommando, a live set by Ron Morelli and a performance by Ena will become an autonomous event within Outline, sustained in the aesthetics of music and visual purism.

The open-air night playground Block Stage will feature concerts of The Residents and Clock DVA, premieres of Femminielli Noir, Mangelexemplar, Darktown Strutters and a series of performances. That stage continues the tradition of live-arena Depo, and going to be free and integrated in an industrial context.

A day concert scene Sun Stage is a phenomenon of solely Sunday occurrences. Live Oid will start at 3pm – this is the first of the eight-hour speeches in the program, and the final exclamation point will be placed by the impulsive Italians Ninos Du Brasil. Big names in the lineup: Mulatu Astatke, The Skatalites and Ricardo Villalobos. Ricardo will appear before the audience in an unusual way—he is preparing a special experimental set based on jazz and ethno-motives.

More information about tickets: http://outline2016.ticketforevent.com/
Address: MoZAL, Podyemnaya Street 14
Date: July 2 from 10PM to Midnight on July 3

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