Five Places of Moscow with Xanax’s Effect

Life itself is a quite depressing thing. Life in one of the loneliest megalopolises in the world, that I believe Moscow is, is twice more depressing. There are plenty of factors oppressing Moskvaers day-by-day, from shitty weather to endless crowds everywhere, from gloomy faces of fellow citizens to the seasonal water shutdown, from horrendous ruble rates to the lack of normal (sanctions) cheese in the stores.

I can list these until August, really, but I believe everybody knows these factors very well. On the contrary, I’d better remind you of another useful fact: the city that poisons you also contains the antidote. So there are five antidotal places of Moscow which work like Xanax and could bring you back to life. At least for a while.

Krymskaya Embankment

Walk, enjoy the river view, catch the sunset, cross the bridge, and take a photo (I mean of the view, not a selfie), then realize what a lucky bastard you are by living in this amazing city.


Friends Forever

If you don’t have any friends, no worries – you still have whoopy-cookie! Friends Forever cafe is a place for bracing for the start of the weekend or for having a relaxing evening on a workday. Anytime you come, there will be one thing that makes Xanax absolutely needless… and it’s whoopy-cookie. Don’t doubt me – just go and try it.


Hall #10 of the Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val Street

Just three names: Chagall, Kandinsky, Malevich. Omg, I just felt better!


Ramenki Park

It’s absolutely wild: croaking frogs, singing owls and all this natural stuff, you know. =) And it stimulates you to be wild too. In a good, natural way. So go there on a Sunday night, find this tiny Ramenka River, make a fire and have a barbeque. Seriously.


Blacksmith Irish Pub

Well, what is important in bars? Wooden bar, friendly, but not pushy bartenders, rock’n’roll music, but not too loud, so you can practice bar-stool philosophy with your imaginary friends.

Take some portions of Irish whiskey (no single-malts, ma friend. Remember, it’s Moscow ’15 – financial collapse so modesty is back in fashion. ha) and drink it slowly with conscious pleasure until you feel better.


All these methods are checked by myself, and fortunately they work.

Take care, and don’t lose hope in this fucking city.

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Journalist by education, barstool philosopher by heart. Moskvaer. Rebel. Frustrated hedonist.

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