Five Uncommon Activities In Moscow: Editor’s Choice

The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.Oscar Wilde

Beer and a TV series after a workday and a couple of cocktails in the bar or club, or in the best case at a concert – on the weekend.  When was the last time you did something unusual? Smashed a room just for fun or visited a swingers party, for example? … It’s been a long time, right?

We guessed! Especially for you, Moskvaer collected some uncommon activity ideas for you to try in Moscow that can turn a typical weekend night into something quite exciting.

Let Off Some Steam


How about crushing an entire room with the sledgehammer and a shouting ‘This is Sparta’? This can be done with the recently opened crushing service called ‘Debosh’ (which means ‘riot’). This is fun, and acts as an anti-stress therapy at the same time. If you’re enraged at work or by your bros, if strangers in the subway are stomping on your polished shoes, or if you just get autumn aggravation or PMS – this fun is definitely for you!

The ‘Do it gently’ crushing option will cost you 10K rubles, ‘Do it some more fucking gently’ will require 15K rubles whilst the third option called ‘Do it the hard way’ is worth 30K rubles (only cash accepted). Keep in mind that all your adventures in the ‘Debosh’ room will be shot on camera and the video consequently will be uploaded on YouTube, depicting your crazy rave with either a hammer or an axe. Thus, the crew isn’t just giving you a helping hand for easing your tension but will also please your personal egoistic tendencies.

You can book your ‘Debosh’ session via phone +7 (915) 000 49 04 or email



We’re all pacifists to the bone here, but the fact that military things have become a fancy is… well, it is a fact. ‘Voentur-M’ will make your militarist desires come true letting you take part in special events involving armored vehicle’s weapons. You can take a ride on troop-carriers, copters, aerostats and other types of military transport dated back to the Second World War or the Cold war as well. You can rent either of these things and imagine that you’re field marshal Montgomery or Zhukov. Just bear with the fact that you’ll be in the Moscow region, not Normandy.

Hop on the troop-carrier, soldier.

Gold Mile Pub Crawl


Now that’s what I call a good twist! This is a good tradition that came to Moscow from the West. Be you a tourist or a local citizen from Kuryanovo, you can kick it.

Normally, a pub-crawl consists of 15-30 people who spend all night together drinking and having fun. The main rule is to act like you’d never act during your mundane miserable existence (you know what I mean). This activity is becoming increasingly popular, probably due to the fact that it gives people a sense of freedom (and a lot of booze).

The participation fee for drinkers is 1.5K rubles. If you’re a straight-edger and your favorite drink is milk, you’ll be charged just 500 rubles.

Visit the City Pub Crawl website to book your pub-crawl evening in order to have a bottle or two of concentrated fun.

Speed Dating


Well, it may sound like the last resort for Star Wars fans (if the force only dares to be with you), which is not quite true. If you’re looking for fresh experiences and meeting new people live, this option will be great for you.

Normally, these types of events are hosted in cafes and restaurants located in the city center. Every dating session will last for 5 minutes. Once you run out of time, you’ll have to go to a new table. Show what you’ve got to that little creepy sociopath living inside you.

In accordance with the rules, every participant receives special cards to make ‘like’ notes. Should you get mutual likes, you will be given contacts to schedule a meeting. Tinder goes offline. Your grandma would appreciate that.

The participation fee is 1K rubles.

Swingers Party


“Hey mom, I’m off to the theater with Jenny today, will be late…”

We all have special likes in certain areas. Who said you would not be interested in that? Just to give it a squint.

Here we go. The most popular and trusted swinger club in Moscow is apparently ‘Adam and Eve’–visited by both locals and tourists.  Imagine a crowd of one hundred people smothering a space of 800 square meters. I bet you saw that on PornHub.

There are a number of rules in the club, dress-code (erotic outfit preffered) and face-control (unhealthy fatties are not welcome). They’re happy to see couples and single ladies, 2-3K rubles and free entrance accordingly. Keep in mind that if you’re a lonesome ranger you’ll have to pay 10K rubles to enter.

You’ll be surprised to know that no one will make you have sex with anyone at the party. In this very particular club, Tuesday is the only day for exchanging partners, while all the rest time you can and should do whatever you want as long as it’s not a breach of the club rules.

Enjoy the show, get some drinks and explore the pleasure of being a spectator.

Well, I believe you should just try it, and don’t hesitate to share your impressions with us! 😉

The club is located near the Prospekt Vernadskogo metro station on Udaltsova St-75-A, the sign says “…Why not?”.

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