Halloween Gastro Party At The Food Market 21

Saturday, October 28 – Food Market 21 on Novy Arbat is throwing a Halloween gastro party. Guests can let their fortunes be told by dreamy oracles, or get photos taken in an alchemy lab adorned with voodoo dolls, candelabras and desecrated Grails. All this with a powerful mash-up set of funk, house, techno and rap – a must this season. DJ Dima Terem will be on the mix. Party starts at 8:00 PM.

Discounts await guests wearing their Halloween costumes. Vampires, zombies, witches and other creatures of the dark will get 10% off in Хочу Хычин, Гирос, #Eat me, Crazy Hot Dog and Magic Shawarma; dinner in BRUSCHETT BREAD and Sweetie will be 15% cheaper; 20% will get chopped off your bill in NGON и Waffle; and the check in Woo Tea Bar will be reduced by one quarter (25% off).

Each Market resident contributes to decorating the space. Some enter “scary” dishes into the menu for just one evening, some develop special apps, others dress up cooks as vampires, zombies and ghouls.

Cup cake Story, Buffalo`s, Meet Meat, Big Beer Bro, Crab’n’Caviar, Джигярь, Тот Самый Трдельник, КоКоФе, Woo Tea Bar, Pizza Mama, Magic Shawarma, Waffle, La Paella, Мимино, Ryba International, Eateria.Pasta Lovers, Bar 21, Sweetie, Хочу Хычин, WOK Up Ferma, EL Tacodor, Crazy Hot-Dog, Гирос, BRUSCHETT1

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