I can hear my train comin’…

People in Moscow are always coming and going–generally in a big hurry. They’re cutting in line to make it an extra step closer to the metro escalator where they will stand still in descent, they’re hustling to make it to their correct train with their luggage intact, or they’re running to catch that bus or trolley in hopes of making it to work on time.

Even on Sunday evenings, Muscovites flood the Belorusskaya train station area–coming and going, and unfortunately all while having to listen to various entrepreneurs vigorously attempt to sell products–“сим-карты, пожалуйста, сим-карты.”

I took a bit to observe and photograph some of the people around the station as sort of a lazy Sunday relaxation method, and the following photos are black-and-white or vintage results of my time.

Курение убивает. (Smoking Kills.)


Time to go.


Get your socks or glowing toys here!


The view before my walk.


The soundtrack.

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Enjoy Monday.

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