John Gilroy’s – Moscow’s Homiest Irish Pub

Some time ago, my friend who lives in Ireland recommended an Irish pub near Bratislavskaya metro station to me, the most authentic one in Moscow according to her. Of course, I didn’t believe her. I’ve visited places like this in our southern ghetto before, and you know they were as close to places for having a good time as a railway-station shawarma is to a Californian burrito.

So I resisted from trying John Gilroy’s for quite a long time. That is, until Michael visited me in Moscow and we decided to have a decent beer without going to the city center.

John Gilroy – a famous artist and marketer for Guinness beer at the beginning of the XX century.

Let’s start with the interior. They have the most important aspect of a good pub – oaken tables. They have a hall with sofas and a hall with bar chairs. Two halls have TVs which show sports events and one other hall is mainly used for calm chats. Perhaps someone would criticize the decorations for being too motley, but I think they’re quite good.

And also, I love the fact that the atmosphere was created with input from the guests. You can bring a piece of décor yourself and most likely they will hang it on the wall. Speaking of the guests – yes, they have metallic labels on the tables with the names of the most loyal guests.

The kitchen leaves a pleasant impression. I recommend everyone to try the chicken wings with the honey-ginger sauce. They are terrific, but you’ll have to dish out 690 rubles. (Life hack: on Thursdays you can get two portions for the price of one!) The burgers are also fine. The Mexican cuisine is tasty but not authentic at all, however you wouldn’t expect this from an Irish pub anyway.

And now we come to the most important thing – beer. They have imported beer from Europe in barrels, bottled and craft beer. Personally, I admire the Belgian beer. My favorite, Blanche de Bruxelles, costs 350 rubles. Obviously they have all the classics: ales and stouts, which I’m not a fan of, but I’m sure genuine Guinness will be a big advantage for many people.

Managers Kirill and Irina say that John Gilroy’s is the homiest pub in Moscow. I think I agree with this. From the moment you enter the door, you can see that the majority of people know each other. Regular customers make up about 70% of the total amount of guests. However, this can easily be explained by the location.

I happily became a regular visitor myself – who would ignore the possibility of going to a good pub without spending 30-60 minutes in transport?

Maybe someone remembers a good old series called Cheers, which highlights the life of the employees and guests of a Boston bar of the same name. The lines of the main theme fit John Gilroy’s very well:

Sometimes you wanna go…
Where everybody knows your name,
And they’re always glad you came.

One day, thankful customers from Ireland decided to give an improvisational mini-concert, and brightened the Saturday night with traditional Irish songs. I recorded a small part of it here:

Irishmen signing at the best #irishpub in #Moscow! #moskvaer #bar #nightout

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For inhabitants of southern Moscow, this place is a must-visit, I would say. Don’t be scared, it’s really good. But reserve tables ahead of time—it’s really crowded on the weekends. To people living in other areas – pay attention to your local pubs, maybe you will find a pearl like John Gilroy’s.

Address: Bratislavskaya St., 6

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