Just Cosmic: 3 Moscow Exhibitions About the Cosmos and Movement Through Time and Space

Very soon, on November 25, an ice rink will open at VDNH, which will be able to accommodate more than four thousand people simultaneously. It is going to be fast, exciting and… not cold at all! But while they complete installation and prepare for the major opening, we suggest that you make a promenade through the exhibition halls. Here – consider special, spacial speed and discoveries capable of turning the world upside down and returning us to childhood. In short, it’s a dream factory for those who have not forgotten how to dream.

Space: The Birth of a New Era

The exhibition-blockbuster, which caused an unprecedented boom in London, focused on how Russia mastered cosmic expanses. It has collected everything, from the first flight plans to space technology developments. The exhibits were collected from all the space-dedicated museums in Russia, and thereare a lot of them, believe me. The obvious advantage of this global and comprehensive idea is that domestic achievements are inscribed in a global scientific context, so that it becomes clear: the flight into space is not just a triumph of a nation, but also an achievement for mankind, sought to go beyond the boundaries of what is permitted. To recall on that humanistic purpose today is an essential task.

Where: Pavilion “Central” №1
When: Until January 10

Movie Time


The country’s history, told through the history of cinema, would be, perhaps, a not too original concept for the exhibition. The organizers of the “Movie Time” exhibition decided to go further, so they rhymed times with movies and with contemporary native art. The meaning, as it was in the famous “Kuleshov effect”, is cut at the points of contact of these elements. Thus was born the virtual space of the history of cinema, which, like the world of dreams, lives its own life. In this world, there is a place both for nightmares and rosy dreams, for heroes and villains. In general, it’s like real life … well, almost…

Where: Pavilion № 66 “Culture”
When: Until January 29

Vzlet: Not for Adults


A unique exhibition pf space – Salon Yak-42 – has always attracted an audience. But mostly passersby who want to see what the aircraft looks like inside. The “Vzlet” (Takeoff) project is known by only a few sophisticated lovers of contemporary art. Its essence is that artists, limited only by imagination, modernized the interior of the craft according to their own tastes. Such exhibitions usually don’t last very long, and to catch them is very lucky. This time, the author of the project was interested in a child’s view of the world. Therefore, the exhibition begins with the study of the floor, because it is what children pay attention to first. For younger visitors, there are plenty of hidden secrets in the cabin that need to be found.

Where: The Yak-42
When: Until November 20

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