Legendary Soviet Sneakers from the 70s return to Moscow Stores

“Two Balls” (Dva Myacha) is the cult Soviet brand of sports shoes (which however, were produced in China), and owning them was the dream of every Moscow hipster during the 70s. They were so cool and desirable that they left an indelible mark on history, being remembered today through cinematography (they were worn by Electronic in the movie “Adventures of Electronic”, and by the heroes of popular TV shows such as “Eralash!”, even by the wolf character from the animation “Nu, Pogodi!”, and through the authoritative images of Soviet-era legends, who also wore such shoes—Yuri Gagarin and Victor Tsoi.

Moscow enthusiasts represented by Yevgeny Raikov, the founder of the “Dva Myacha” production company, decided to revive the much-loved-in-the-past brand and organized the modern production of complete replicas of the Soviet shoes. They are even sewn with the same equipment used in those years, but also, according to the assurance of the manufacturers, provide the comfort necessary for urban residents today.

The Russian segment of the internet responded to the news with wild delight. We forecast that the revival of the “Two balls” sneakers will be no less iconic and desirable than their archetypes.

By the way, in my opinion, they are a great option for a gift and a worthy alternative to the infamous souvenirs that we constantly carry to friends abroad.

Learn more about the shoes or buy them here.

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