Mobile Apps For Muscovites Taking an Active Civic Stand

Most citizens in the megalopolis have relevant mobile apps for any situation in life. Should you need to find the closest pharmacy or ATM–use Yandex.City, should you need to book a flight–use Skyscanner, should you want to buy a ticket to the cinema–tap Afisha, call a taxi–Uber, park the car–Parking and Evacuators, etc…

Today, apps are multiplying with amazing speed, and they are no longer just used for fun or as leisurely organizational tools. Now you can make an appointment to see a doctor in a city polyclinic, complain about pits in the roads and take part in the fate of urban innovation–all via mobile apps.

Emias.Info: Online registration for doctor’s appointments in Moscow polyclinics

The official app of the eponymous medical portal that allows you to find your clinic on a map of the city, book a visit to the doctor for yourself or your relatives, manage your booking, and check directions and prescriptions.

The application only works with city polyclinics and to book a visit, you must already be registered with the clinic and have a specific medical insurance policy.

According to my friends who have had the opportunity to use the app, it works! It’s unbelievable, but true.

Available: Android | Apple iOS

Active Citizen: Participate in city development

Active Citizen, the mobile application for the eponymous project by Moscow’s City Government, allows you to take part in the development of the city by assessing various initiatives and completing surveys in regards to the capital’s development.

User motivation works like this: you score points for every survey you complete. The more surveys you complete, the more points you accrue. Consequently, you will eventually receive the status of “active citizen” (1000 points needed). With this status, you can exchange the accumulated points for urban services such as transportation cards, parking hours, or tickets to parks, theaters, museums, etc.

Available: Android | Apple iOS | Windows Phone

Our Town: Keep vigilance, comrade!

This application is a great tool for active and caring inhabitants of Moscow. It is based on the geo-information portal Our Town with the aim of building a dialogue between citizens and executive authorities of the city regarding specific issues of municipal services.

The application allows you, for instance, to follow the course of the overhaul of municipal facilities, to report any violations or illegal actions of city officials, to set forth proposals on improvement of courtyards and things of that nature. The app can receive messages, to which the resolution is the sole responsibility of Moscow’s City Government. According to the regulations of the project, every request and every message is moderated within no longer than 24 hours, and responses from officials must be received no later than eight working days.

To register for the application, you need only to specify your name and email address. Nothing could be easier.

Available: Android | Apple iOS | Windows Phone

Spot: say “No” to the worst violators of traffic rules

The Spot application was created to improve roadway conditions and to deal with violators of traffic rules, unscrupulous motorists and those who park like selfish assholes.

Using this app, you can take a photo of a violation (if it is desirable, you may take several shots) and send a digital form to the traffic police or another appropriate authority. In fact, the main point of the application is to simplify the delivery system of such statements.

To improve efficiency, developers advise users to orient their photographs so that the vehicle number, the overall situation with the car, and the geo-referenced object are all visible. Now the application is able to process the 7 types of violations in Moscow: double parking, parking in spots designated for disabled people, parking on the sidewalk, parking under the “No Stopping” sign, parking in a crosswalk, potholes in the road, and problems with signs or markings.

To apply, you must register with the application via e-mail or through a social network. It is important that the statements are sent from your real name, so when registering you must submit real data. If you provide fictitious information, you may be brought to justice under Article 17.9 of the Administrative Code (false testimony, and that’s all).

Available: Android | Apple iOS 

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