Moscow Becomes A Better Place, But What About Its Residents?

Moscow – a city for living. The new social ad campaign is turning muscovites’ heads: Moscow has become more comfortable, socially adaptable, eco-friendly, cozy. Even though it’s an ad slogan, I find its message rather justified though it begs a question: if the city improves for its citizens, why don’t we strive to become “more better” and comfortable ourselves? Where is our symmetrical answer to the beloved city?

I suggest beginning by taking small steps. There will be six for starters. These are simple but not always obvious things that I believe should be remembered by all big city residents, anywhere.

1. Pedestrian traffic is – surprise! – bidirectional. That means that if you are on the move, you should always keep right, seriously;

2. Our perfume, in all likelihood, is only liked by the person wearing it. You really should not spray yourself with it head to toe. Ever;

3. When having a conversation in a public place, it might be a good idea to tone down on the volume so that innocent bystanders are not forcibly exposed to your wisdom. That means that if you are in a cafe and are, for instance, talking on the phone, please, don’t be so loud. Yes, that means keep your voice down;

4. Only one seating space per person in the metro. So if you’re riding the metro, please make sure that your butt does not spill over the seat divider. Repeat on the way back;

5. Staring at strangers – bad. 10 out of 10;

6. Smoking while walking, forcing others to inhale noxious tobacco fumes is extremely egocentric and just plain monstrous. Stop that!

P.S. I know that many citizens do these horrible things not out of evil intentions but because the country has not been taken out of them yet. Still there are those who just “haven’t thought of it” yet. We’re ready to help both categories of people.

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