Moscow Through The Eyes Of… Anastasia Kampova-Polevaya

Hello, I’m Nastia from America, and I’ve been living in Moscow for 2.5 years already.

The greatest delusion about Moscow I used to have before moving… was that the winters would be somewhat pleasant.

My favorite things about this city… the cheap transport. But I still hate local… traffic, overcrowding, attitudes, weather, POST OFFICES, bank service.

My favorite spot in the city is… any of the many parks.

When I want to eat something truly delicious,… my Granny’s house.

When I’m thirsty for good music,… I go to any club that’s hosting my favorite DJ/musician.

Once you’ve decided to visit Moscow, be ready to… communicate in Russian, even if you don’t know how.

You cannot say “I’ve seen the real Moscow” if you haven’t… been out for a night stroll.

What distinguishes Muscovites from the citizens of other megalopolises is… their desire to look outward toward the horizon.

My biggest disappointment about Moscow life was… the fact that it still hasn’t caught up to the times.

If I could change one thing about this city, it would be… establish homeless/stray animal shelters, but really just get rid of the Soviet-aged postal and banking services.

The main lesson that Moscow has taught me is…don’t trust schedules posted by offices.

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