Moscow Through The Eyes Of… Marco Cremona

Hello, I’m Marco Cremona from Milan, Italy, 45 years old, and I’ve been living in Moscow for about 6 years already.

The greatest delusion about Moscow I used to have before moving… was that the overall image of the country in Europe is appalling, mostly because of plain ignorance and media propaganda.

My favorite things about this city… are the restaurants, parks and theaters. But I still hate local… traffic.

My favorite spot in the city… is Sanduny.

When I want to eat something truly delicious,… I go to Pinzeria by Bontempi, Ribi Net or La Bottega Siciliana.

When I’m thirsty for good music,… I go to see a concert at Crocus Hall or Dom Musiki.

Once you’ve decided to visit Moscow, be ready to… cope with a city that never sleeps and people who are just like vodka: first very cold and then very hot.

You cannot say “I’ve seen the real Moscow” if you haven’t… been to Bolshoi theater, Pushkin Museum, Tretyakova gallery and Sanduny. Yes, all pretty stereotypical but totally worth it.

The main lesson that Moscow has taught me is… that even what looks tremendously difficult can be achieved with a bit of determination, a little faith and a dash of luck.

What distinguishes Muscovites from the citizens of other megalopolises is… that they are not as worldly but definitely more deep in terms of feelings and emotions.

My biggest disappointment about Moscow life was… the traffic.

If I could change one thing about this city, it would be… the average temperature, from 5.8 to 20.8.

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