Moscow Through The Eyes Of… Zhenya Tcyrennimaeva

Hello, I’m Zhenya from Irkutsk, and I’ve been living in Moscow for about 9 years already.

The greatest delusion about Moscow I used to have before moving was… I actually didn’t have one, just because I didn’t even think about Moscow before moving. I was invited by my current boss, while the office in which I worked in Irkutsk at that very moment was going through restructuring.

My favorite thing about this city is… its selection scale: there is a lot of everything! Literally.

But I still hate local… smokers who smoke while walking (but not in designated areas), so you constantly feel like you live in a big tobacco cloud sort of.

My favorite spot in the city is… Moscow metro. Moscow metro stations are pieces of architectural art!

When I want to eat something truly delicious… I go to visit my friends–rabbi of the Moscow Choral Synagogue family.

When I’m thirsty for good music, I go to… there are really a lot of places in Moscow to listen to good music. For myself, I’d better say that I pick concerts of specific artists, which are also in excess in Moscow, and this is also one of the advantages of the city.

Once you’ve decided to visit Moscow, be ready to… deal with unexpected repairs and traffic jams on the roads.

You cannot say “I’ve seen the real Moscow” if you haven’t… used the Moscow subway.

What distinguishes Muscovites from the citizens of other megalopolises is… their non-acquaintance to Moscow (I’m talking about the population of Moscow as a whole, not necessarily Moscow-born Muscovites).

My biggest disappointment about Moscow life was… there’ve been no strong disappointments so far, which probably means that there were no fascinations as well.

If I could change one thing about this city, it would be… paving slabs.  I’m probably not the first who has expressed dissatisfaction with the paving slabs in the center of Moscow. In some areas now (especially in winter) it’s absolutely impossible to walk. That’s the situation I would like to change, but also it scares me when I think that it would take more months of reparation work…

The main lesson Moscow has taught me is… Homo homini lupus est.

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