Moscow installation of monument to legendary Victor Tsoi approved. Let’s pick somewhere cozy?

In Moscow, they again started talking about the installation of the monument to the legendary musician, the front man of “Kino” rock-band Victor Tsoi. The chief architect of the capital, Sergei Kuznetsov, expressed his support for this initiative.

No specifics about when or where the monument will be placed have been decided yet. It is possible that, as in previous years, the interests of stakeholders will disperse, and the bronze legend will have to wait a little longer …

The fact is that over the past ten years, none of the proposed sites for the monument have been agreed upon – either local residents protested or the municipality. Whether the distressed sculpture will settle in the capital this time or not – is unknown. But we decided to give it a try just in case… 

Swissôtel Krasnye Holmy. Fits well, doesn’t it? 🙂



VDNKh, in the place of sculpture “Rabochiy i Kolkhoznitsa”. I hope this doesn’t hurt the feelings of Vera Mukhina’s fans, or the Soviet epoch fans, or anyone else feelings. Lol 🙂


Olympic Complex Luzhniki. Fits perfectly!


Museon. Just a tiny change in Mr. Tsereteli’s masterpiece.


So what do you think? Should you guys have any other suggestions of where to put the monument of Victor Tsoi, upload your picture to Insagram, use the hashtag #MOSKVAER, and your photo will appear on our website automatically!

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