Moscow News: The Martian may be plagiarism, metro music legalized, robot invasion, record-holding ice

Is Ridley Scott’s The Martian plagiarism? What do musicians have to do to play in the Moscow metro? How can you build your own robot this weekend? Where can you skate on the largest ice rink in Russian history? Grab a cup of coffee, kick back, and check out Moscow News for this week.

Is Ridley Scott’s “The Martian” plagiarism?

Apparently not. However, that was the statement of Moscow resident Mikhail Raskhodnikov who wanted to sue 20th Century Fox for 50 million rubles. This week, his claim was rejected by Moscow’s Khamovniki Court.

Raskhodnikov had two witnesses: an actor Alexey Svetlakov who saw the script back in 2007 and a cosmonaut Maksim Suraev, who was acting as a consultant. Unfortunately, the court has not examined them.

Shame on you Mister Scott!

The Martian

Legalization of ‘underground’ music.

The Department of Transport and the Moscow Metro announced that special spots for street musicians will appear in the subway in the first quarter of 2016. The funny thing is that to take part in this project, musicians will have to first pass auditions. This is the Voice… Metro style!

The cool thing is that they will be fully supported by the government and won’t be required to pay any fees.


Robots have invaded Moscow this weekend.

Only this weekend, you have the chance to see the Robotics Expo exhibition at Sokolniki, which is really cool to be honest. You’ll be able to see the LaserManShow, ROBOT FIGHTS and even be allowed to build your own robot!

Please, be sure that he learns the Three Laws of Robotics really well… otherwise be prepared when he builds his own exhibition with blackjack and hookers.

Robotics Expo

VDNH has beaten its own Guinness record.

The ice rink in VDNH this year will take up 20,000 square meters and with this incredibly large space, they’ve rewritten their own record in the Guinness Book of World Records for hosting the largest ice rink in Russian history. It will be so huge that it will fit 4,500 people at a time! It sounds really impressive, assuming they will all be able to skate at the same time.

The ice rink will open on November 27, and Moskvaer will be there for sure.

Let’s meet up on the ice guys!

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