Moscow photos, on Monday–for your mental health!

As an expat living in Moscow, the typical question you receive in any social situation is “What is your favorite thing about Moscow?”

The first time I answered this question, I probably mumbled something about loving big cities and experiencing a different culture, etc…

While that is also true, I have thought more about my answer to this question each time it is asked and now I have a solid, more viable response.

I enjoy the blend of modern and old—mainly, the mix in architecture.

So now that you have my answer, I want to illustrate it with some therapeutic photos taken around Moscow… And generally, I think it could become a good tradition to start Mondays with a portion of photos, which capture the city at its best. Let’s call it Monday visual-aesthetic therapy… Seriously, your mental health in Moscow could depend on it!

Ah! New Moscow City… so cool, so modern. This spot found by taking a little walk near the theater at Kutuzovskaya gets my vote for also having Xanax’s effect.


This is a perfect example of what I mean… here you have modern office buildings sitting next to the old Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker near the Belorusskaya Metro Station.


I’m sorry to include Moscow City in here twice, but this is one of my favorite photos of Moscow in the Fall… taken from Novodevichy Convent.


The newly constructed and recently opened Moscow Cathedral Mosque. Isn’t it beautiful and culturally accepting?


This one was taken inside The Great Wooden Palace at Kolomenskoye Park.


Now, don’t you feel a bit better about your Monday? I hope so 🙂

Do you have some beautiful photos taken in Moscow? We’d LOVE for you to share them with us! The easiest way to get your photos seen is to tag them with #MOSKVAER on Instagram. Each photo with this tag will automatically be displayed on our page.

See photos that have already been tagged here! We look forward to seeing your Moscow photos and art!

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