Moscow Through The Eyes Of… Irlanda Cisneros

Hello, I’m Irlanda from Russia, 29 years old, and I’ve lived in Moscow all my life.

The greatest delusion about Moscow I used to hear from newcomers was that people hated them. Wrong! Personally, I don’t care where you guys come from. Be nice, behave and let’s have fun together!

My favorite thing about this city is its incessant rhythm. I literally can find anything, any activity/entertainment at any time.

But I still hate local fall and winter weather because of its dirt and it often causes nightmare traffic.

My favorite spot in the city is Vorobyovy hills in the summertime and TSUM and GUM area in the wintertime.

When I want to eat something truly delicious I visit my chef-friend at his place called Chez Maman or at the place right next to it Chez Papa.

When I’m thirsty for good music, I go to Gazgolder for electro sound and Evangelical-Lutheran St. Peter-and-Paul’s Cathedral for a classical one.

Once you’ve decided to visit Moscow, be ready to be smart and quick unless you want to stay at the end of the line and get/see nothing.

You cannot say “I’ve seen the real Moscow” if you haven’t gone to a Russian home-party. Once you get along with a Russian dude, he/she will show you the real Moscow.

The main lesson Moscow has taught me is to be super tough once you have an aim to achieve. It is challenging but possible, truly possible to get almost anything you may need. Even the last chemo pill package for your dad when there is a line of hundreds. In my case, I cared only for my family and I had to stick my kindness into darkness. Nevertheless, we are still as happy as we can be.

What distinguishes Muscovites from the citizens of other megalopolises is a tendency to extremes. Extremely sad, extremely kind, extremely rude, extremely high, extremely naïve etc.

My biggest disappointment about Moscow life was that most people do not know how to fight for their right or are not willing to.

If I could change one thing about this city, it would be education and headhunting. Moscow education now sucks. RANEPA (Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation), for instance, you may call it a prestige educational place, well, it certainly USED to be.

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