Moscow Tinder to Hold Pool Party: A Nice Chance to Keep Silent with Your Matches Offline As Well

So, we’re done with spanks, sex-mazes, burlesque shows and other debaucheries until the end of the summer—the next Pop Porn Party is expected no earlier than the fall, so let’s switch to a sweeter mode and exchange our latex outfits for swimsuits. On July 30 at The Bassein, which is in Sokolniki Park, Tinder in collaboration with online radio will hold am open-air pool party. Swimming, dancing (DJ Kostya Deep will be playing music), contests, cocktails from Tequila Sierra and many tanned Muscovites from Tinder are all expected.

It sounds promising. One can only hope that Moscow’s Tinder users will not behave in such a dull manner offline as they actually do in the App, otherwise it will be more similar to a party at a hotel for desperate singles like in the “Lobster” movie (in which everything ends badly), than to “the hottest party of the summer,” as the organizers hope.

I’m giving this caution for a reason: fresh memories of how the previous (in anticipation of spring, if I am not mistaken) Tinder party at Time Out bar with the slogan ‘Meet your match!’ went. It was exactly as in the App: people gradually walked past each other with pensive faces, dragged their cocktails and disgracefully lost in the fight either with their own snobbery, or with shyness. Do not be so, people! Come July 30 to The Bassein and socialize. You’ll like it.

By the way, to join the party, you need to get an invitation on Facebook and have Tinder installed on your mobile phone.

Where: Mitkovskiy proedz 1, building 1, Sokolniki Park, The Bassein
When: July 30, beginning at 16:00

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