Moscow Tunes: American hooked on Russian band, Pompeya

The musical life of Moscow is one of the city’s underlying substances, without which it is difficult to imagine a complete portrait of the metropolis. At the same time, it can be difficult to plunge into and fully enjoy without being a native Russian speaker.

Back in America, it was easy. I’d simply walk outside my apartment and down the street to one of the local bars where one of my many musician friends or acquaintances would be playing, order a few beers, snap several photos of the show, and be mesmerized by their musical talents.

Music has always occupied a certain place in my life and from the first time I stepped foot inside the city, I realized that my usual pattern of locating and enjoying musical entertainment may not be applicable. Of course, that isn’t to say that it isn’t easy or that good music isn’t abundant–I myself just felt so lost.

That is, until I heard the mellow, laid-back, 90’s softrock-inspired song “90” by Moscow’s own–Pompeya. I was delighted to hear that not only did they make good music and have a cool video to go along with it, but that the singer actually sings in English–with memorable, coherent lyrics, no less!

Soon after hearing their track, I’d learn that they were to have a free show at Muzeon Park in honor of Russia Day and I’d venture there, alone, due to the unfortunate circumstances of my friends being unable to join me.

I don’t know if it was because it’d been so long since I saw a live show or just because I was excited by the crazy, loyal fans climbing on stage and dancing along to the songs I had already been enjoying so much–but I loved it!



I, like many others, was even able to meet and take a photo with the vocalist (Daniil Brod) after the show–due to his appreciated willingness to interact with fans.

I’ve seen them play two additional times after that–and met the vocalist and bassist yet again for a photo-op… this time with friends! Don’t worry, I’m not crazy. I know they have other loyal fans like me, because I constantly recognize them at the same shows each time I attend.

I’ve shared Pompeya’s music with most everyone I’ve come into contact with and now it is time to share it a little more. Sadly for us in Moscow, they are currently touring around America… but sit back, relax and take in a few of their songs after a beer or two.

Here, start with this one:

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