Moscow’s First Sweding Festival: Was Russian Leo the Best?

Last Saturday’s First International Sweding Festival succeeded in a number of aspects, with some room for improvement–as with any “first-time” event. Of course, the primary goal of the festival was to entertain attendees by showing several sweded films and awarding the best works in various categories–and that they did.

For the duration of the festival, countless sweded films were put on display–some to applause, and some to laughter–with several breaks inbetween showing blocks. For those seeking information on how to become master sweding-makers, an educational portion of the event featured famous YouTube vlogger and entrepreneur Evgeniy Gavrilin and movie director Pavel Bardin lecturing and answering questions during informative workshops.

As for more active entertainment, festival-goers were invited to refresh themselves at the bar, enjoy a professional make-up session by DA Photo Studio, dance to music played by a live DJ, take photos on or near a large Titanic prop, or jump into a pool with plastic balls.

Several food trucks were available for lunch/dinner/snacks, the best one serving burgers with buns made with beets, pesto and cuttlefish ink–all absolutely delicious. For dessert, an ice-cream stand serving the famous black ice-cream and ice-cream with saulty caramel was available next to a sort of pop-up shop selling clothes and other items. Many fresh fruits and vegetables were also available for vegans. 😉

The announcement of awards was given by an energetic host, who attempted to (but was likely advised not to) strip to buy time.

Here is the extensive list of awards:

Best Male Role, The Closest to Original Swed, Special Prize from kinomail.ruThe Guardians of the Galaxy (Star Lord)

Best Female Role – one of the sisters from My Neighbor Totoro

The Most Remarkable SwedFear and Loathing in Las Vegas

People’s Choice AwardInterstellar

Prize from the OrganizersInsidious Is

Best Visual EffectsX-Men Apocolypse

Best DirectingThe Grand Budapest Hotel

Best Swed, The Funniest Swed, Best SoundtrackMad Max

and last, but not least…

Moskvaer’s ChoiceTitanic

The sweded Titanic film won our hearts over due to the presence and performance of Roman Burtzev, Leo DiCaprio’s famous Russian look-alike who was also in attendance at the festival.

Next year we hope to see many more faces, a different variety of foods, and even more entertainment. Bring on Sweding Festival 2017!

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