Moscow’s Game of Thrones Food Festival–Dine on the food of Westeros, sit upon the Iron Throne, and more!

Even after 6 years, Game of Thrones is still taking the world by storm and Moscow is no exception.

REN TV, a Russian channel known for airing a lot of Game of Thrones episodes usually treats fans with thematic events. However, usually they simply place The Iron Throne in some random park and allow people to sit on it and take a photo–and one time they organized an amusing cosplay competition.

But this time they’ve set the bar even higher by bringing the cuisine of Westeros to Moscow’s first Game of Thrones Food Festival!

The event will take place in Hermitage Garden near Tverskaya metro station on July 2. The location is pretty convenient no matter what side of Moscow do you live in, the entrance is FREE and it happens this Saturday, so I personally see no reason to avoid trying:

•Jon Snow’s favorite pie
•Sansa Stark’s favorite cake
•Pig on a Spit
•The spicy food of Dorn
•Seafood directly from the Iron Islands
•All the delicatessen of King’s Landing

…and many more food items (including a chocolate Tyrion)! Of course, The Iron Throne will also be there waiting as the perfect photo op.

Facebook event:
More information:

My watch has ended. See you guys there!

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