Moscow’s Grim Reaper Vigilante Fights for Justice, Seeks Assistant

I always thought that Moscow needs a hero it deserves. A silent guardian, a watchful protector. After the news about London’s Batman I was totally convinced that our city would eventually have a masked avenger. And really, where else but a metropolis can wield a superhero? The high crime rate and a huge population is enough for a daredevil to arise.

And then at the beginning of June, the media started talking about Moscow’s Batman. A taxi driver in Khimki happened to witness a spectacular appearance of a man with cape, who threw a flare on the ground and disappeared into the night.

As details became known, it was revealed that the crime fighter had visited a drug den that was located in a building nearby.

Soon after, Moscow’s Batman registered the Twitter account @JnecReaper for the anonymous reporting of crimes and to answer frequently asked questions and clear up misconceptions. In particular, the masked avenger said that he is not a Batman at all, and hasn’t even tried to imitate him. It simply was the only superhero name that the taxi driver knew. The avenger calls himself Grim Reaper.

Here is a photo of Reaper’s equipment available online:


Stun grenades, smoke bombs and flares – for warning police. Nothing lethal. Reaper said that he strictly follows the letter of the law and performs “citizen’s arrests” in accordance with Article 36.37 of the Criminal Code.

Reaper fights not only against drug dealers, but according to his words he has also detained a rapist, two thieves and a robber, and overall there are 52 criminal cases started with his help.

Translation: If you are honest with yourself, I will guard you. If you cross the line, the Reaper will come for you. Evil will be punished.

Of course, a masked crime fighter who appears in real life will cause a wave of imitators. Reaper sends his warnings to them: he has passed rigorous training in Special Forces, fought in two wars, and his suit is tailored of Kevlar and can withstand bullets. Though at the same time, the Moscow superhero notes that he would not refuse acquiring an assistant.

Having said all of this, the situation is muddled. From one side it’s a superhero fantasy, but from the other it’s scary due to the possible consequences. And we can’t be completely sure that this story is not fake. Maybe it is a PR campaign for some Russian cinematographer’s secret project. However, the scope seems to be too small. It could be also a PR project for a little-known music band, as some people think.

Translation: I am not a commercial, I’m not a promo, I’m not a fake or an investment project. I’m sorry, but to the disappointment of skeptics – I am real. I will not stop fighting evil.

And if we accept that it’s all true for a second, two things come to mind – for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and that superheroes do not exist without super villains. So what does it mean guys, are we expecting the Joker to appear in Moscow’s criminal world?

Anyway, even after all of the answers from Grim Reaper, still many more questions remain. So if the superhero wants to tell the world more about himself, or wants to end the gossip surrounding his persona, he can feel free to send an e-mail to I think this tweet would be a good ending:

Translation: It has begun.

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