Moskvaer at Chocolate Factory: Find Out Who Crafts Chocolate in Moscow & Where to Get It

Photos by: Anastasia Kampov-Polevoi

Moskvaer was lucky enough to have recently visited the chocolate laboratory and explored the process of creating chocolate and the intricacies of its degustation. Yes, yes, we know… we’re even envious of ourselves!

The chocolate lab looked more like an artist’s studio, where colorful containers with dyes, oils and fillings were placed in the midst of a cocoa grinder, chocolate tempering machines and fridges.

Here we found the chocolatier Regina Payevskaya tempering white chocolate on a marble slab for future candies. Tempering gives the final product gloss and hardness, which can be achieved by heating or cooling the chocolate to certain temperatures and forms so it crystallizes the structure of the cocoa butter. Afterwards, the chocolate mass is put into a plastic box that resembles a multi-colored palette of watercolors, which is then inverted to remove excess chocolate. The process looks exactly like chocolate rainfall. Finally, future candies are sent to solidify in the cooling chamber.

My favorites are the planet-like small candies.

The chocolate lab holds countless experiments with flavors, toppings, colors, textures, and decor, which is limited only by the imagination of the chocolatiers and the laws of physics, and the taste is the only criteria for success.

For example, Regina discovered chocolates filled with beets, tobacco, beer and even buckwheat in her experiments. We tried the candy filled with beer and despite the unusual combination, it tasted rather harmonious.

During the degustation, we learned that the taste depends on the region that the cocoa beans originated from and even a novice can tell the difference between chocolate from Colombia and that of Belgium. In the first case, the chocolate normally has a greasy texture, a rich aroma and an astringent taste; in the second case–the chocolate has a neutral flavor and a greater sweetness.

Tasting chocolate is a bit like tasting wine: we had to smell the chocolate, and then hold it in our mouths a while to get a better understanding of the taste and flavor. I had never eaten chocolate with such thoughtfulness before! 🙂

Later we saw a great multitude of scrupulously created chocolate sculptures, among which were–repair tools, timers, chess pieces, an Oscar statuette, locomotives, mobile phone models, and even chocolate photographs. It immediately reminded us of Homer Simpson and the episode about a land of chocolate.

The laboratory conducts training workshops using crafting chocolate to create sweets, macarons, table arrangements for celebrations, and provide training for the chocolatier profession. has everything you need to create beautiful packaging, the chocolate itself and different chocolate desserts both for just yourself and for an industrial scale.

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