New Year’s Eve Party 2016 in Moscow: Moskvaer’s Choice

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and you still haven’t decided where to celebrate? Welcome to the club!

In an agonizing attempt to define which party will be the wildest, we’ve searched through the Internet, asked natural born clubbers, and even tried to pull something out of our own deep memories (well, as you know if a party has been successful there shouldn’t be anything to remember). So, meet the short-list of options to celebrate the New Year 2016 if you’re staying in Moscow.

China Edition at Dewar’s Powerhouse


Powerhouse–it’s a place that I would personally recommend to anyone who really loves and is open to new music. Initially, it was meant to be a sound recording studio, but ended up also becoming a concert venue, night club and bar-restaurant.

When people ask me for a place to have a good time on Friday, I always answer: “Powerhouse“. Surely, because of the music: funk, techno, and live performances of the young post, prog, indie-rock bands, and the most unexpected,  shrill, DJ mixes. Music is the main advantage of Powerhouse.  Music and Dewar’s of course.

And for the this New Year they’ve planned a special “Chinatown” style party, allowing us to look forward to plenty of bright details, Chinese paper balls and an immutable light bohemian atmosphere. Organizers promise that everything will be homey–warm and cozy.

They have two types of tickets for New Year’s Eve that you can buy in advance at the club or just right before you enter: entry before 01:00 will cost 3 000 rubles, including buffet (spring rolls, shashlik (bbq), bruschettas, hummus, salads, grilled vegetables, canapes) and five chips for any drink from the Christmas menu; entry after 01:00–1500 rubles, including a ticket and three chips for any drink from the Christmas menu.

Book: +7 (495) 698-05-50

More info on event

IDA at Lisitsa bar


Lisitsa is a new bar on Teatralniy Proezd that opened in the place of the former Backyard de Moscou bar. It has even preserved its old interior: its vaulted brick walls, fretworks, the original fireplace and a heavy wooden bar. On regular days they serve 400 ruble cocktails and burgers. Nothing’s really noteworthy. But on New Year’s Eve, I can feel it–this sweet place will turn into the real grove of Stimula, ’cause IDA will be in charge!

What is IDA?–you may ask. I will answer: IDA is the coolest moving party in Moscow, with a bunch of DJ’s who ably combine in their sets both trendy and classic styles of disco, house, techno and bass music. For the last year IDA has been rocking the dance floors of Moscow clubs, from Powerhouse to Time Out Bar, and personally, I’ve tried not to miss an opportunity to visit any of their parties, because I swear–these guys can make anyone move in a mind-blowing dance.

Now then, on New Year’s Eve they will have eight DJ’s of IDA shaking Lisitsa’s dance floor, until the last drop of champagne is gone, and the (hardiest!) most stubborn ones are exhausted.

“It’s a special line-up this time”–wrote IDA on their Facebook page. “Michura from Ghetto Kingdom (you might know him if you’ve been to Solyanka) and new techno wave PRESHES: Ost, Nikita Telegin and Okkultative; will join our IDA-team (VLKN, George Owlson, Sergey Kozlenko and Phil Uninc)”

And now the best part. The entry after midnight is free! From 22:00 to midnight the entry fee will be 2 500 rubles (for the main hall’s buffet).

Book: +7 (499) 3918187

More info on event

Strelka New Year party 2016


For those who love open air parties and to dress up in polka dot, here is a promising New Year Party in Strelka bar. It will be a party with barbecue (which is gonna be the only winter night with the terrace open, by the way), banana music and confetti fireworks.

The music at the festive party will be put on by the founders and signatories of the French label Macadam Mambo, whose records are usually bought up at lightning speed, and whose visit to Moscow Strelka itself is considered to be the best Christmas gift possible.

Like many other bars, Strelka offers two types of tickets: for those who want to celebrate the New Year in the bar, a ticket from 22:00 till the morning will cost 6,000 rubles; for those who are going to arrive after 01:00–4 000 rubles. The price of both options include a gift from the bar (intriguing!), food and beverages. In the first case, it will be a special festive menu from the brand-chef Regis Trigelya bar, and in the second, a snack menu on the grill.

Tickets are limited and available for purchase in cash only. To book or buy one, you can contact the manager of the bar from Tuesday to Saturday from 16:00 to 00:00.

By the way, just now Strelka is giving out several tickets in a contest. One of them could be yours!

Book: +7 (495) 771-74-16

More info on event

Winter Fantasy in Museon


If someone didn’t know, Museon is one of the few places in Moscow with a therapeutic effect. If you feel like with all these holidays approaching the sadness is enveloping you more and more, don’t even hesitate, go to the New Year’s Eve in Museon. Right at the entrance of the park you will meet a colorful procession with lights and confetti. Actors of the Freak Fabrik street theater have organized two wonderful plays, and young musicians Cheese People and Ocean Jet (these guys, by the way, are firmly entrenched in my playlist with their track “Distant”) will play for you some great Russian disco-punk and a little bit of indie-electronics.

On the New Year’s food court in the park you can have some hot pancakes, burgers, traditional Christmas pretzels, cakes flavored with cinnamon tea or hot coffee.

More info on event 

Happy New Year 2016 in Moscow!

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