Panopticon is Coming!

Hermann Hesse in his “The Glass Bead Game” has created a fantastic city of the future – Castalia – where the sciences were closely intertwined with art, creating thereby the intricacies, the new form of creativity – a beads game. Today, hundreds of years later, the story of Castalia no longer seems so unreal. Already now and here, in our eyes, science deeply penetrates into art, and we are already surrounded by not just scientists or just artists, but by art-inventors, art-researchers and science-artists.

Throughout the world there are many examples of such a science & art interaction. These Russian innovators from the arts: Sergei Katran, Dmitry Kawarga, Denis Patrakeev and Russian-German sculptor biofuturist Aljoscha, Swedish artists Catherine Sistfontes, and many others.

1Is it an accident that Moscow succeeded in gathering them all together into one panopticon-show? I’m personally not surprised. Sure, the dynamics and saturation of the Moscow art industry is far from that of the American or European megalopolises, but for some reason it seems to me that here, at this very moment when Russia is going through crucial times, something special is about to be born.

This year, the 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art is held under the motto: How to gather? Acting in a center in a city in the heart of the island of Eurasia”. The entire Biennale program is riddled with this provocative question, and a special project “Panopticon”, where artists solve the problem of “how to gather?” in the context of the art&science interaction, is a striking example.

2What do arts and sciences have in common? What role could artists play in scientific and technical researches, and who are all these art-innovators and inventors of art? Participants of the “Panopticon” exhibition (Panopticon heroes, as I call them), who work at the intersection of science and art, who create art during technological experiments, normally set these and many other questions for themselves and their audience.

They are Dmitry Kawarga, Aljoscha, Sergei Katran, Catherine Sisfontes Marina Ragozina, Vladimir Potapov, Denis Patrakeev, Alyona Shapovalova, Igor Baskin, and Dmitry Zhukov.

September 26th at 18:00 all their artworks – space painting, photography, media objects, and amazing installations and sculptures – will be officially presented to the audience at the Palace of Culture of Bauman Moscow State Technical University.


By the way, appreciate the irony: a modern innovative art is gonna be inscribed in the perimeter of the shabby soviet university building. =) Come on, it will be spectacular and very, very weird… Hope to meet you there!

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