Reinventing Reality: 3 Moscow Exhibitions About Art Resetting Everything

With just one click, the whole world is in front of you, from the desert to the endless ocean, from cosmic landscapes to tiny streets somewhere in the East. The picture has long replaced the real sensation, the world is now ruled by a pixel, changing its color like a chameleon. What is left for a human? – To dive into virtual reality, into the world of strange electronic wonders that will disappear with just another click, into the world of weird electronic sound, replacing the sound of the wind and the rustle of ocean waves. Or, should we reset everything and start over? What if a new world would be even more interesting if we click once more?

X Y Z T. Abstract Landscapes

A visit to this exhibition is like to dive into the matrix or feeling like the hero of “Tron”. Unbelievable electronic landscapes that respond to the slightest movement of the viewer are created by two multimedia artists, collaborating with dance groups throughout Europe. A professional dancer’s body becomes an ideal accompaniment to interactive installations, and a game where virtuality is presented as an entertaining attraction: be it a clever program called “Сrooked Mirror” modifying the body to a state of plasticine or an amusing aquarium in which electronic letters and worms begin to move and live their lives, if one blows inside.

Where: B.E.R.E.G District
When: Until December 18

Sonomaniya. audio Enthusiasts


In the small space of “Khodynka Ground” there is a real kunstkamera of sound. An opening to the Soviet Atlantis: the work of scientists and inventors engaged in sound research in the first half of the XX century. There are of course pieces of the Soviet genius Leon Theremin’s work, combining music, color, smell and gestures, and also an unusual 23-string guitar, invented in 1932. All artifacts were created in the analog era (the whole layer of the history of Soviet culture!), those of which you rarely get a chance to meet, especially with an opportunity to get the qualified commentary on subject.

Where: Ground Khodynka
When: Until December 4

ZERO Group: Euchre Günther, Heinz Mack, Otto Pina


Why reset everything? – to make room for something new. In the post-war period, Europeans zeroed everything out that was possible. Roland Barthes spoke of “the zero degree of writing”, Yves Klein – of an “emptiness”, and even the space itself unexpectedly turned into a vacuum. ZERO Group perfectly fits into this framework. At the exhibition at the Multimedia Art Museum there are lighting boards, desert photos, a sand mill and other “points of reference” of contemporary artists. No, this is not an escape from reality, but rather a curious attempt at its reinvention.

Where: Multimedia Art Museum
When: Until November 13

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