Russian Apartment Search Site Adds New ‘Haunted House’ Search Parameter with Discounted Pricing

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Many in Moscow are aware of the beloved apartment search site, utilized by expats and local Muscovites alike. Hell, we’ve even given it it’s proper praise in a previous publication. As an update we’d like to point out that since then, things have gotten a little… well, more interesting to say the least.

A new feature introduced allows mobile app users the ability to search apartments and homes that are supposedly haunted, often at a discounted price—because what kind of person wants to live in a haunted flat at full price?

The prompt on the site.
The prompt on the site.

To enable the feature, you just simply have to download the app and start a search. You’ll then be prompted to watch a video introducing the feature if you so wish.

Once completed, you can then go about your search for paranormal-occupied flats with relative ease using the new parameter. The app isn’t available in English, so you’ll have to get a friend or partner to help you out unless you can read Russian. However, the ghost-friendly apartments are marked with a silly looking ghost icon so they’re easy to spot.

Locations marked by ghosts are haunted.
Locations marked by ghosts are haunted.

To the braver souls (no pun intended) than I and the lovers of all things spooky—happy ghost hunting!

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