Russian Men & Women’s Beauty Care: “Don’t Remove My Cuticles! I love them.”

One of the reasons that explains the extreme popularity of Russian women among men all over the world is their ability and desire to care for themselves. Manicured fingers, always well-done hair, smooth skin and makeup on 24/7. It was so and it will be, and no emancipation will kill their pursuit of beauty. However, just as well-groomed the girls are in Russia, our men are equally badly-groomed. We talked about depilation, fashionable intimate hairstyles, and manicure etiquette among both men and women with the master of Wax & Go beauty salon Irina Jurina.

MOSKVAER: Irina, Russian girls are famous for their beauty and gloss. However, recently in Russia a global trend of emancipation, in which appearance slips up by the wayside for women, is gaining in popularity. How does the beauty industry respond to that?

IRINA: Our girls were always very sensitive about their appearance and I think they still are and they will be. Having a manicure is one of the main components of the female image nowadays. But if 5-15 years ago, a glamorous (and not) girl could not imagine herself without edging a manicure and artificial nails. Now, over the past five years, the situation has changed radically. The European manicure came into vogue first, and then there was a whole series of novelties: the Japanese manicure, the hot manicure, a manicure by Christina Fitzgerald technology. And, of course, a major achievement in this sphere in recent years–the appearance of a gel nail polish.

If we talk about trends, short nails and a robust design is what’s relevant now, and each person chooses color schemes according to their mood, not trying to match a particular fashion and wardrobe.

Stas, our colleague from Moskvaer, also shared his opinion about male body care and even agreed to try a couple of procedures.


Stas: I think the statement that men in Russia compared to Western men hardly take care of themselves is not true. After many years of working in international companies, I have met a large number of foreigners from a variety of geographies–none of them cared for themselves more actively than a visit to the hairdresser once a month. And in my opinion, this is quite enough.

Previously it was recommended to match the color of nails with the color of lips. What is today’s manicure etiquette?

IRINA: It is important to comply with the limits beyond which the style, brightness and individuality ends. It’s always better to choose neutral colors in a manicure. The fashion trend of the season is the nude manicure style–beige, light pink nail polish, suitable for any outfit. Dark polishes look very stylish on short nails. In a business setting it’s better to do a classic French manicure. If there’s a very strict dress code, nails should be covered with a transparent polish, keeping business etiquette in mind. Bright colors are desirable according to the situation.

Stas: Some elements in the image of modern Russian women are not understandable for men: fake hair, nails, eyelashes, or a situation where the eyebrows were shaved off and then drawn in again. All this is just liked by girls themselves. Women from Europe and the United States give much less attention to their appearance, while I can not quite say that they look bad.

Are manicures and depilation still procedures considered especially for women or have any changes happened?

IRINA: The client perception of the modern manicure has ceased to consider it an exclusively female procedures. And while the number of men among clients of beauty salons are still low (5%), we see a positive trend. Most often, the male customers are successful, liberated, active people 28-50 years old. Their way of life and the kind of activity requires a perfect appearance; it is directly related to their success.

Salons offer men a special package of services, including the removal of cuticles, moisturizing and nourishing, and covering with a special varnish.

Stas: A manicure is an absolutely painless procedure. Perhaps there was no discomfort due to the special, nail filing method. Although it’s still not clear why it is necessary to remove the cuticle. I personally love mine. Let it stay. The cream with fat from animal fur has a very peculiar smell. This part of the procedure was quite strange.


IRINA: As for depilation, do or not to do is a personal choice for men, but those who dare to come, more often already have no any gender bias. The most popular parts for men to wax are underarms, bikini and back, as well as eyebrow shaping.

Stas: The wax is very warm and soft, and it was surprising and therefore painful when the strip was torn off, but it is a trifle, and even, perhaps, a matter of habit. In general, it is not as painful as it is portrayed in movies.

Is there a fashion to waxing? Previously, I remember people doing avant-garde intimate hairstyles. Now it’s probably not in vogue. Or…?

IRINA: Invariably, more than a dozen years already, the Brazilian depilation with a thin strip of hair and the “Hollywood” depilation styles are in demand.

Good to know. Thank you, Irina!

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