Selected Mobile Apps to Help Save Time & Money if You Live in Moscow

Check out Moskvaer’s selection of useful mobile applications that will help save time and money, if you live in Moscow.

1. Edadeal

This app was created for those who don’t like to spend extra money for nothing (everyone, right?). Why should you pay more if a nearby store has the same product on sale? But how do you know at what store the item is cheapest? Edadeal is supposed to help with that—it finds the nearest supermarket or store with the best prices on products, household products, cosmetics and products for children.

You simply type the name of a product you’re interested in into the search and the application shows you where it’s available and for what price; you see the results listed in comparison by the cost per kilogram or piece.

Selected items are stored in the basket. Then the app will add up the amount of savings you’ll receive in a particular store, so that you may choose the best option.

The app combines about 50 shops and supermarkets in Moscow.

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2. Grabr

For Russians many things are still cheaper when you buy abroad. And moreover–some of them are now (since the sanctions) only available abroad. But what if you’re not going to travel in the near future, but you need something very soon? This problem can be solved by using Grabr, which unites those who fly abroad with those who need something from locations all over the world. With the application you can create a query on the desired product, indicating the country where it is necessary to bring from, the cost and the amount to reward the traveler. Yes, this means that if you are planning a trip, then Grabr can also be an opportunity to earn a little bit of extra income.

By creating a query, you are waiting for proposals from travelers (they can make their own terms) that fly on the relevant route, and then select the most suitable proposals.

You pay immediately, but the courier fee will be assessed only when you receive the order. To get it, you simply negotiate the meeting with the traveler in a convenient location.


3. T-Tronic

This application was created for car owners, who also seek cost optimization, both financially and timewise. It is a platform aggregator for car services, something like Uber for the vehicle repair industry. In addition to a marketplace, the app gives users the ability to diagnose problems using the OBDII auto-dongle, which is issued free of charge. The gadget is synchronized with the application and shows the error, and not in the form of codes, but in understandable language for the user. The procedure takes only a few minutes.

Then, after uncovering the problem the user generates and exposes a request for repair. Service stations offer their services and prices, and you may compare options and choose the most profitable one. The customer can pay for the repair after it’s completed or in advance, by card through the mobile app.

T-Tronic registration itself is free of charge–you just download the app and use all the features. But car services and garages pay a commission of about 10% of the custom order.

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4. Kutezh Taxi

Kutezh Taxi is the mobile application project for the young and naughty. As planned by the creators (the FixTaxi owners and Russian comic social media public authors), it will allow people younger than 27- years-old to get to bars and restaurants cheaper than through other taxi services. The discount for youngsters will be 20% of the normal fare of FixTaxi, and they will check your real age in social networks through an authorization system. Kutezh Taxi will work only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The app will give a list of nearby entertainment venues, as well as allow you to install the “Alarm” to a time when you need to be picked up from the bar.

The app is still in the project stage: the authors want to check first whether the service will be in demand. They promise to begin development, if the announcement of a promo website will pick up 10 thousand likes.

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