Sexprosvet 18+ Starts a Winter Lecture Series

The popular science project on sexuality, Sexprosvet 18+, starts another winter lecture series. The cycle of 5 lectures will be held from January 23 to February 20.

Pediatrician and medical blogger Anna Levadnaya will talk about the sexual development of boys and girls from infancy to adulthood, clinical psychologist Marina Durneva will explain how stress shapes neuroses and affects sexuality, and what to do about it.

The planetary scientist, volcanologist, master of geological faculty of Moscow State University and GEOKHI geologist Georgy Mahatadze will give a lecture on the difficulties of reproduction in space conditions.

The program also includes presentations by sociologist Lilia Brainis on the impact of viewing porn on the quality of life and sexual behavior, and Arthur Zalevsky, a postgraduate student at the Faculty of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics at Moscow State University, about HIV research.

A ticket to attend one lecture costs 500 rubles, but the organizers offer subscriptions to attend 3 and 5 lectures (for 1000 and 1500, respectively).

Tickets and season tickets can be purchased HERE in advance.

Where: Unlock Cafe at Lubyansky Proezd, 19, p. 1.

When: Every Tuesday at 20.00

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